Clear Water Lake Management provides comprehensive aquatic herbicide and algaecide applications by utilizing over thirteen years of field experience.  We implement logical, environmentally friendly, as well as the most cost-effective lake management strategies throughout all of Michigan.  We strive to bring to life the customers’ vision for their body of water in accordance with the Department of Environmental Quality and do so with a specific treatment plan to suit your needs.  Through our experiences, we have come to understand that each customers’ needs will vary and because of that, we bring a fresh set of eyes and an unmatched knowledge of Michigan’s aquatic communities to best suit these needs.

Clear Water Lake Management also applies the most up to date and environmentally friendly aquatic herbicide and algaecide application options.  There is nothing that our licensed and expertly trained staff of applicators have not seen or treated effectively.  We treat every waterbody as if it was our own and stand behind our work 100%.  You have my personal guarantee.

-Mark Harrison-President