Clear Water Lake Management is a full-service lake management company offering fully integrated lake consulting services, including aquatic and terrestrial plant control, state of the art invasive plant detection and mapping.  With almost two decades of experience, we have become one of the most respected aquatic managers in the state.  Our clients range in scope, from private backyard ponds to large lake associations and government municipalities.  We are qualified and eager to develop a program that will address your needs and exceed your expectations.  Our goal is building long-term relationships based on becoming a valued community asset.

Based in Rockford, Michigan, Clear Water Lake Management is a fully licensed and insured aquatic nuisance specialist serving all of Michigan.

Lake Management

Our lake ecosystems are under the threat of the ever-increasing invasive species and influences of human behavior.

Clear Water Lake Management provides a wide variety of aquatic management services that allows us to create a management plan specific to your lake or pond.

Aquatic Nuisance Control

Clear Water Lake Management understands aquatic plants are an essential part of a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem.  Aquatic invasives and sometimes native plants can become a recreational nuisance, negatively impact fishing, drop property values and threatens the healthy balance of any body of water.  A pro-active properly designed management plan is essential to the long-term health of any body of water.

Invasive Terrestrial Plants

Invasive terrestrial plants can quickly overtake shoreline and inland areas.  They have severe detrimental effects by out-competing and displacing native plants and animal habitat.

Nutrient loading is another growing problem as lake communities grow and small cottages give way to larger homes.  Improper use of fertilizers and failing septic systems are an ever-increasing threat to our waters.

Clear Water Lake Management can perform comprehensive shoreline surveys to detect and document these nearshore issues before they become difficult to resolve and affect property values.

Lake Management Professionals

Peace of mind is what you and your organization will have with our lake management services.